Activities To Do with Your Toddler

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Toddlers have a lot of energy and are constantly testing the things and people around them to see what they can and cannot do and how other people respond to certain behaviors. This high level of energy can be challenging at times, but it also means you have the opportunity to engage your child in new activities that he was too young to participate in before. Below are a few activities you can try with your toddler that will support his development and maybe even help burn off some of that excess energy!

activities for you and your toddler to enjoy together:

Explore. Toddlers love to learn about the world around them by using all of their senses. You can embrace this by setting up safe sensory play activities like sculpting with play dough, making music together, and playing I-Spy. Your toddler will love playing with you in all sorts of different ways so feel free to make up simple games and activities that allow your child to touch, taste, see, smell, hear, and explore the world around them.

Create. Toddlers are beginning to develop their fine motor skills which means they are now able to do simple arts and crafts. Provide your toddler with fat crayons or non-toxic, washable markers, and let him scribble on paper. Work beside him on simple projects that allow him to practice these skills and begin to appreciate drawing, coloring, and writing.

Exercise. Your toddler will want to practice her new physical skills like running, jumping, and climbing. Exercise is essential for her so give her daily opportunities to be active. This can be inside with simple, safe activities like jumping jacks or dancing or outside with playing at the playground or walking around town. Help her climb and play on age-appropriate playground structures. These activities will not only help your child develop her physical abilities but they will help her release energy that will make it easier for her to engage in more low-key activities later.

Read. Reading to your child is one of the best gifts you can give him. Pick simple, sturdy books with bright pictures and let him help turn the pages while you read the words. Reading every day will allow your toddler to develop important early literacy skills that will help him as he begins to identify letters and eventually read.

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