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Positive Parenting
You just finished folding laundry and turn your back for a minute to find your toddler smiling proudly, surrounded by a pile of now unfolded clothes. Being a parent may be the most important job you’ll ever have, but it’s also the hardest! Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive, but it is worth it. Strong parent-child communication mixed with firm yet caring discipline will help your child become a healthy and independent adult. Talk and listen to your child, spend time with her, and don’t be afraid to be firm, but also loving and caring. So don’t worry about the laundry, fold it and put it away together. Now that’s positive parenting!
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You can start giving your child an allowance when he shows an interest in money or as early as age 5. The average amount of allowance is one dollar per year of child per week but should vary depending on family circumstances.

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